When this site was first set up it served to share my photos with the people being photographed. I still believe in that commitment, to be able to share photos with people doing the things they love (which typically precludes them from being able to take pictures of it!). 

Personal Use:

Starting in 2016 photos can be purchased for personal use through the shopping cart in each album. The goal is to provide quality photos for reasonable prices for individual use. Many of the older galleries still contain photos that are watermarked and not directly for sale through the website. If you are interested in one of these photos please contact me for details (info@keenan-photo.com) 

Commercial Use:

Photos for commercial web use can be purchased via the shopping cart in each album. Please note that there are only two available options, one best suited for social media use, and a second higher resolution photo that could be used on websites. Should you require full resolution images or you are interested in licensing this work for other commercial or editorial purposes, please contact me (info@keenan-photo.com) so that we may discuss the details of your project. Please note that the photography on this site is NOT available for commercial use without licensing and that the photographer reserves all rights.